1. 5 Good Reasons To Visit Our Waxing Salon This Summer

    Summer is here, which likely means you are planning weekend getaways and days at the lake. While spending time in the hot Texas sun in your best bathing suit should be relaxing, sometimes worrying about hair removal can make the day a lot less enjoyable. Those who opt to remove unwanted hair are left with the option of either shaving regularly or waxing once a month or so.…Read More

  2. Waxing Or Shaving, Which One Is Better?

    The debate over whether waxing or shaving is a better method of hair removal has been going on for, well, as for as long as shaving and waxing have been around! Most people are either die-hard shavers or die-hard waxers, but is one really better than the other? In today’s blog, waxing and shaving are going head-to-head once and for all to determine which method of hair r…Read More