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Getting a bikini wax or full Brazilian can be a lot more stressful than just getting your brows or legs waxed! There is a lot to consider, especially since the sensitive bikini area is especially prone to itching, redness, and ingrown hairs after a wax. Fiore Waxing uses all-natural wax for hair removal to try and reduce any irritation after a bikini wax, but there are still some steps you can take at home to make the recovery as smooth (literally) as possible! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you found this page by Googling “Brazilian wax near me,” check out these ten things to know before you get a bikini wax.


  1. Hair length should be ¼ inch minimum length for proper hair removal – about 3 to 4 weeks of regrowth from your last wax or shave.
  2. What kind of bikini wax do you want? You will decide how much hair you would like to take off on your bikini area. We can do bikini line, full bikini, or Brazilian (where you say ‘goodbye’ to all the hair).
  3. Is it that time of the month? Your bikini area is especially sensitive right before your period, so it is best to avoid getting waxed within three days of your expected start date.
  4. Cleanliness is next to godliness. This is also true on waxing table. Not only will this make the experience more comfortable for you and your esthetician, but it can help avoid any infections or irritation after your wax.
  5. Don’t be shy. Obviously, your bikini area needs to be exposed and this can make some women uncomfortable. Trust that your esthetician is a licensed professional and is making no judgments. Think about it from your estheticians point of view – she sees dozens of women every week, so this is old hat to her. Plus, the more relaxed you are, the less painful it will be.
  6. Does a bikini wax hurt? Yes and No. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. What type of bikini wax you are receiving matters too, as different areas are more or less sensitive to pain. Just know that the pain only lasts a few seconds and the results are far better than shaving!
  7. Tweezers may make an appearance. Sometimes it is necessary to use tweezers for any strand left behind by the wax. Don’t be alarmed – your esthetician is just making sure you leave with beautiful, hair-free results.
  8. Wear loose clothing and breathable underwear. It helps prevent additional irritation afterward.
  9. Hands off 24-48 hours after your bikini or Brazilian wax. Stay away from sex, tanning, sweating, salt water or any other activities that can cause irritation.
  10. Exfoliation is key. Prevent ingrown hairs by exfoliating with a scrub and exfoliating mitt or glove before your appointment.